The Post Disaster Planning Program is about better preparing remote area planners for natural disaster events. The initiative aims to create a system that gives planners in the regions better access to valuable knowledge for disaster mitigation, preparedness and response.

With many regional planners working on their own, the new system aims to provide them with access to other planning professionals with prior disaster experience and the tools to function better in a post disaster environment. This website resource, targeting planners and others involved in building community resilience, is focused on providing knowledge and mentoring support to those planners most at need.

The program has been funded through the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department, and is a great example of the activities being undertaken by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) in the delivery of value to its members.

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Professional development seminar program

Networking and mentoring program

Outreach services and life long learning

Message from the CEO

An overview of the program by Kirsty Kelly, Chief Executive Officer for the Planning Institute of Australia.

Video Presentations

Mark Babister discusses his experiences in the field of floodplain mapping and modelling.


Mark Babister | Managing Director

WMA Water

Nimini De Silva explains the management of an urban floodplain from the perspective of a local government.

Strategic Management of Flood Risk

Nilmini De Silva | Director, Land Use Planning

Floodplain Management Association (NSW)

Ian Dinham discusses floodplain management tools and examples.

Buidling Resilience with Mitigation

Ian Dinham | Chairman

Floodplain Management Association

Bill Gale explains his experience in understanding and managing the psychological impacts of an event with Victorian bushfire examples.

Black Saturday Fires

Bill Gale

Consultant at W D Gale & Associates

David Gibbins takes a strategic view of flood management planning and implementation.

Big Picture Flood Planning and Implementation

David Gibbins | Technical Director

Floodplain Management Association

Paul Grech provides an overview of land use planning concepts and models for floodplain management.

Considering Flood Risk in Land Use Planning

Paul Grech | Director

GLN Planning

Warwick Keating explains the process for developing a level one risk based assessment model for bushfire mapping.

Level 1 Bushfire Hazard Mapping Model

Warwick Keating | Land Use Planner

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Dr Alan March provides an overview of hazard and risk management.

The Role of Land Use Planning in Emergency Risk Management

Dr Alan March

University of Melbourne

Steven Molino details the development of a risk-based assessment approach to floodplain management.

A Framework for Holistic Risk Based Floodplain Management

Steven Molino | General Manager

Molino Stewart Environment and Natural Hazards

Across two seminars, Brendan Nelson firstly explains several land use planning concepts and models to mitigate flood impacts and in his second seminar, reviews recent events and community impacts from the perspective of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.


Land Use Planning Contributing to a Stronger, More Resilient Australia

Brendan Nelson | General Manager, Land Use Planning

Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Steve Opper provides an overview of the New South Wales State Emergency Service's management of flooding events.

Flooding, Emergency Planning & Risk Based Land Use Planning

Steve Opper | Director of Community Safety

State Emergency Service NSW

Laurie Ratz discussed the position of the insurance industry with a focus on hazard event mitigation.

Development in Flood Insurance 2006 - 2012

Laurie Ratz

Insurance Council of Australia



Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department
Queensland Reconstruction Authority


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